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Your yard has to be perfect. Every time. No excuses. No corner-cutting. Just Pleasantville-like attention to detail on every job. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. That’s why we offer the Persnickety Guarantee. If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied we’ll make things right and your next service will be free.


Lawn and Yard Maintenance

Lawn mowed – of course. Weeds eliminated – absolutely. Overgrown bushes and shrubs – consider them gone. Persnickety maintenance is the definition of thorough, and as always, backed by the Persnickety Guarantee.

Spring/Fall Cleanup

The Persnickety homeowner knows Northwest winters are brutal on yards. And there’s nothing worse than delaying that winter yard prep until it’s too late–when the days are short and the rain just won’t let up. Let Persnickety Lawn and Landscape set the stage for a worry-free holiday season.

Pressure Washing

Anyone can pressure wash. But none can give you The Persnickety Pressure Wash. With a fanatical attention to detail, our mantra is simple: when we’re done you can eat off it. Well, almost.

Landscape Design and Installation

Some call it landscape design. We call it The Persnickety Makeover. We work hand-in-hand with you through the entire process. The result: a very Persnickety yard indeed.

Debris Removal

Debris is probably a French word, and the French are very persnickety. Leaves, limbs, yard waste, and any other unmentionables you need removed, it simply has to go and we can help.

Tree Service

Is your Dogwood Disheveled? Maple in a muddle? Spruce in shambles? Juniper jumbled? The Persnickety canopy requires careful pruning and, lucky you, we practically wrote the book on careful.

We own! We don't rent.

Precision hedge trimming is nice, a putting-green lawn to make the Jones’ jealous is wonderful, but sometimes a total makeover is what you really need. And for that, you need the right equipment, as in heavy equipment.

  • Gravel
  • Auger
  • Heavy Loads
  • Big Reach
Persnickety gravel equipment Persnickety auger equipment Persnickety equipment heavy loads Persnickety equipment - big reach

Don't take our word for it.

“We hired Persnickety to help us catch up on general lawn maintenance on which we were behind, including: the lawn, hedges, flower beds, bushes, edge trimming and weed removal. Keith showed up early and went straight to work. He worked the full morning and part of the afternoon. At one point he was leaving for lunch and we thought he was done and we were telling him about how great the yard looked, when he smiled at us and said it still wasn’t up to “his standards” yet. Now my husband pays attention to details, and when Keith was done, he remarked about how thorough a job Keith did. We were both really impressed with the job he did as well as the little touches he just handles. Not only have we recommended him to friends, we’ll have him come back to winterize our lawn and do our spring cleanup. He’s very professional, asks good questions, and listens well. I’d definitely recommend him.”

Kim G.

“Our lawn has never looked so nice! We have an average size corner lot. Our lawn was mowed, trimmed, edged and the sidewalk blown clean faster than I have ever witnessed! Their work was not only fast, but professional. These fellows know what they are doing.”

Clair & Jara M.

“I used Persnickety for a commercial job and at my own home for some tree trimming. They did excellent work for a very reasonable price. Keith, the owner, will work with you in order to do exactly what you want and he will keep working to please the customer. I used him to trim about 20 trees. He is very knowledgeable about trees and knows how they should be trimmed and the effects of certain types of trimming. I will definitely use him again.”

John V.

“My wife and I met Keith quite by accident at a nearby Starbucks. Our mutual interest was plants unique to the NW and landscaping. He was most curious about our experience in transplanting a ”green thumb” from the mid-Atlantic. We scheduled a tour around out totally reconstructed yard, a 10 year labor. Subsequently we contracted with Keith for a major pruning effort in-so-far as we were unable to do the work over the prior 2 years. After 2 days we had the following observations of Keith: Totally professional; makes every effort to understand the environment and satisfy his clients. What he doesn\’t know about your plants he will research…no shooting from the hip; Talented. He has an eye for balance, structure and continuity. He creates and sculptures with his trimmers and tools. He is an artist! He sculpted a beautiful outcome; Energetic. I volunteered to do the cleanup behind him…he flat wore me out over the 2 days. He has no ”off” switch, no breaks, short lunch. You will get your moneys’ worth; Easy to work with: listens, inquires- a very nice person.”

Bob & Kathy H.

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